#197: Quasi

Description: Just like that! A brand new sharp MZ 700 release! ”Quasi” by Up Rough and Flush. Code and graphics by Mooz Music by Glafouk Download: (EXE) up-quasi.zip

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#196: Megamix 1

  Description: Up Rough Megamix 1 - the first in a series of awesome music disks!This is likely the longest megamix on any Amiga to date, it containsover one hour of music! Code by: deadguyProto Code by: YonxMusic by: Spot, Qwan, Goto80, Syphus, Varthall and...

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#194: Merry Xmas 2018!

Description: Up Rough wishes you a Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year 2018 with "Merry Xmas 2018!" (Sharp MZ-700) A small Sharp MZ-700 xmas intro by Flush and Up Rough. Music by Glafouk/Flush Code and Gfx by Mooz/Up Rough If you don't own the real beast, you may...

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#192: Fleisch Bitte GMBH Ad 005

Description: Code by Nori K Concept by Spot, Plus8 and Qwan Graphics by Spot Music by Mortimer Twang An ad we did for Fleisch Bitte GMBH. Released in March 2018 at Fjälldata. Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-FB005.LHA

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#190: Gubbadub

Description: Gubbadub by Amiga Junglism. Released at Gubbdata 2017! Download: (Original Octamed Module) UP-GUBBA.LHA

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#188: NEWS

  Description:A pc-engine intro released at DATASTORM 2017.Code by Mooz, Music by Octapus. Download: (Original Amiga ANSI) UP-NEWS.LHA

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#187: Kiiritti Pätsi

Description: Kiiritti Pätsi (Sharp MZ 700) A Sharp MZ-700 demo by Flush and Up Rough released at Cookie Demoparty 2017. Code by Mooz/Up Rough, P0ke/Flush Music by Glafouk/Flush, GFX by Adoru, MooZ/Up Rough, P0ke/Flush. If you don't own the real beast, you may consider...

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