#172: Stuck Somewhere in Time (Sega Mega Drive version)

Dec 1, 2014 | Musicdisks, News


A massive co-op between Up Rough, Insane and Titan!
We salute the metal heroes from our childhood! Maiden will always rule!
This musicdisk will be released for several platforms starting out with Sega Megadrive and HTML (Chrome).

Project Management by Spot.
Code by Kabuto (Mega Drive), Mellow Man (HTML5) and Origo (Amiga).
Graphics by Spot and Alien.
Music by 451, Alk, Blade, Corpsicle, Dascon, Dubmood, Esau, Goto80, Jerry, Mygg, ne7, Psilodump, SunSpire, Tecon, Triace and Wasp.


Download: (Sega Mega Drive ROM) SSITSGMD.ZIP


“im really not a metal fan but MAIDEN! MAIDEN! MAIDEN! -wysiwtf”

“UP THE IRONS! \m/ -Defiance”

“Wow, this is nice. I don’t care for maiden, but still the idea and the implementation is great. The tunes and the presentation are top quality. -twosixonetwo”

“Holy hell, that one was nice :D – SaphirJD”