#187: Kiiritti Pätsi

Jan 30, 2019 | Demos



Kiiritti Pätsi (Sharp MZ 700)

A Sharp MZ-700 demo by Flush and Up Rough released at Cookie Demoparty 2017.
Code by Mooz/Up Rough, P0ke/Flush Music by Glafouk/Flush, GFX by Adoru, MooZ/Up Rough, P0ke/Flush.

If you don’t own the real beast, you may consider using the MZ-700 emulator from the Common Source Code Project. The necessary configuration files are included in the ’emu’ directory of the archive.

On the other hand, if you happen to own this gem you can convert the m12 to a wav file and play it through a cassette adapter or use Marq’s MZduino. http://www.kameli.net/marq/?page_id=1001

If you want to make kickass gfx for the MZ 700, we recommend using CGE7. http://www.maroon.dti.ne.jp/youkan/mz700/CGE7.zip

The file ‘cgedit/mz700fon.dat’ contains the international charset and should be put next to CGE7 executable.

The music was made with Arkos Tracker 2. http://www.julien-nevo.com/arkostracker/

Note for linux users: both CGE7 and the MZ-700 emulator are Wine friendly.

Download: (Exe) kiiritti_patsi.zip