#204: aSCIIeXPRESS issue #001

Mar 19, 2022 | Diskmag

Cap by Slash from real hardware

Cap by RetroDemoScene


aSCIIeXPRESS issue #01

A new fresh ascii chart mag from Up Rough and Divine Stylers
Released on March 18, 2022.

K-P/Hippopotamus Dezign – Code
Dino – Main editor, Ansi
Goto80 – Editor, Ansi
Mortimer Twang – Music (Edit by Goto80 & Spot)
Phantasm – BBS Door code, Statistics
Spot -Packaging/Management

Cliparts by Mortimer Twang and Sk!n
Caps by Slash, AmigaDemoScene
Testing by Notorious, Nori K

Download: (EXE) dS!UP-A1.DMS (Right click and Save As)