#115: Hively Tracker 1.6

Nov 9, 2008 | News, Tools


HivelyTracker is a tracker program based upon the AHX format created in the mid ’90s by Dexter and Pink of Abyss.
AHX was designed to create a very SID-like sound on the Amiga. Hively Tracker is released for AmigaOS 4.0, AmigasOS 3.1 and AROS!


Don’t forget to visit the official Hively Tracker homepage and make use of the support forum located here!

Download: (AmigaOS 4 exe) ht16.lha
Download: (AmigaOS 3 exe) ht16_m68k.lha
Download: (MorphOS exe) ht16_mos.lha
Download: (AROS exe) ht16_aros.lha

Changes since 1.5:

* Right since 1.0, the EDx command was broken! Fixed.

* The range check on Cxx commands was broken. Fixed.

* Now strips the upper nibble of 4xx instrument commands when loading a “THX\0” file. AHX always did this since the introduction of filters (THX\1), but AFAIK WinAHX and its derivatives never did.