Yoki vs Goto80 = Flepp

flepp from markus hamburger on Vimeo. Fresh from Dr. Yoki’s lab – a new realtime video experiment featuring a track by Goto80 called “Slobban”.

Science: WiiFlower

shader flower from markus hamburger on Vimeo. Dr. Yoki came up with this flower while being bored in his lab. You can control it with a Wii-mote.

Science: Wiimotes and Glitchy Notes

shapecontrol from markus hamburger on Vimeo. Another experiment from professor Yoki, as he prefers to put it: ‘another experiment creating custom shapes and patterns using the wiimote..’ This experiment features music by Qwan. Download Soundtrack: (MP3)...

Science: Realtime Visual Test

realtime visual test from markus hamburger on Vimeo. Professor Yoki is hard at work on a visualisation engine. We will post a selection of tests for you to enjoy here. This lab features music by Goto80. Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_Ter4.mp3 Download Soundtrack:...