#087: All our BFP 2006 Entries – PSID

Mar 25, 2007 | Music, Other

Booger at Big Floppy People 2006. Photo by Dino.

This pack includes work by Dino, Spot, Yoki, Goto80 and Qwan. The shit we put out at Big Floppy People 2006.
Converted to PSID format upon request. Enjoy!

Download: (D64 Image) UP-BFPPS.LHA

Download: (MP3) Dino_-_Praestens_Dotter.mp3
Download: (MP3) Qwan_-_Dronecity.mp3
Download: (MP3) Yoki_-_Reveko.mp3

If you prefer the real deal, here’s a D64 image with the original tunes for use on a real C64;