#184: Chime

#184: Chime

Description: An atmospherique jungle rocker by Amiga Junglism. Released at Sundown 2016! Download: (Original Octamed Module) UP-CHIME.LHA

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#181: Fucktop3

#181: Fucktop3

Description: A fucked up electro track released by Goto80 at GERP 2014. Download: (Original Mod) UP-FUCK3.LHA

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#179: Jah Cats

#179: Jah Cats

Description:s A totally banging DNB OctaMED upper-cut by Amiga Junglism, the trained ear can spot some Skope samples in there. Released at Sundown 2015! Download: (Original Octamed Module) UP-JCATS.ZIP

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#178: Drop the Breaks

#178: Drop the Breaks

Description: A kick ass OctaMED rocker by Amiga Junglism, released at GAG 2015! Download: (Original Octamed Module) UP-DRBRK.ZIP

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#177: Crack Intro (for Nintendo 3DS)

Released at GERP 2014, but left to rot on my 3DS until now. This was at the time of release the first ever scene prod on the Nintendo 3DS, so BAM! Description: Code by Flubba Graphics by Spot Music by Octapus Download: (3DS ROM) UP-CRACK.ZIP

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