#097: Cool Ska Cool

Jul 30, 2007 | Demos

Our Amiga demo for Big Floopy People 2007. 2nd in the “Other Platforms” demo competition.

Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-CLSKA.LHA

Listen to the soundtrack: (MP3) Yoki_Qwan_Skope_-_Uptown-Rockers.mp3
Listen to the soundtrack: (MP3) Yoki_and_Qwan_-_Fiolgatan_Remaster.mp3

Programming: Booger, Model, Kalms/TBL
Art Direction: Spot, Plus8
Music: Yoki, Qwan, Skope
Script: Spot
Up Rough Logo: Mortimer Twang

A huge amount of love goes out to Kalms for writing the chunky version of the vector player, and for being a genuinely nice person!

Also a big ass thankyou must go out to Stingray who wrote us an iff2chunky converter in no time!
It saved us from going mad!

And last but not least, to our girlfriends for sticking with us knowing that they always will be #2. Let’s hope we get some more time together after this huh?! ;)

Despite the atari fags we made it! fCUK THEM LAMEASSES AND MEGAFUCKINGS TO THE
people still trying to have a “united multiplatform scene” do you want you future son to join a crew of atari?
Dont suck those pixels, stay clean and inside the closet.

Cool Ska Cool!!!

The Up Rough corner at BFP 07 with our brand new banner in the background. Photo by Plus8.

Other group news:

Otro joined Up Rough!

The Up Rough brand is for sale.

Included in this deal;

* Worldwide distribution network.
* All intellectual property.
* Goodwill.
* Used hoes.
* 1 barely used USB pussy prototype.
* NOS Pre-tagged swapper disks.
* Added value.
* Streetcred.
* City of choice destroyed by tags.
* No questions asked.
* VIP for life.
* Proper street language.
* 90 days free online support.
* Bigger dicks.