#061: Beatblox

Feb 21, 2007 | Tools

screenshot of beatblox

Beatblox v1.0 by Tom Weber (Model) in 16-11-2000.

A single-channel drum machine program with 8 built-in samples and a graphical icon interface. No fancy features in this first version.

A1200 or better, at least 120kB free memory, all audio-channels free

How to start:
Double-click the icon or type “Beatblox” in a shell window.
Make sure no other sound program is running at the same time.
Exit by simply pressing ESC.

The screen

  • Patterns: Eight patterns of 16 positions each. Set icons with left mouse button and clear with right mouse
  • Selector: Eight samples to choose from in the bottom-left. Select with left mouse button.
  • Play button:A wide button next to the selector. Press to start playing and press again to stop playing.
  • Tempo slider: Drag the slider to change play speed, located in the bottom-right. With a bassdrum each 4:th position it ranges from 63 bpm to 250 bpm.
  • Pattern switches: Eight buttons to the right of the patterns. These turn each pattern on and off.

Dowload: UP-BB10F.LHA