#175: The Piper at the Gates of Compusphere



It was made at Compusphere 2014 using Ableton Live and a midi keyboard on Notorious computer.
Recorded without retakes on three tracks by Qwan.

Download: (MP3) UP-TPTGC.ZIP

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#174: Fleisch Bitte GMBH Ad 004

Code by Nori K
Concept by Spot, Plus8 and Qwan
Graphics by Spot
Music by Mortimer Twang

An ad we did for Fleisch Bitte GMBH. Released in March 2015 at Gubbdata.

Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-FB004.LHA


Seriously Dad, Look! We’re Famous!

Computer Music Magazine wrote a little blurb about our latest masterpiece, Stuck Somewhere in Time!


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#173: Stuck Somewhere in Time, the Amiga 500 version!


KERRAAANG! The hottest Amiga musicdisk to reach your screens since quite a while just arrived!

Stuck Somewhere in Time is an 8-bit tribute to Iron Maiden made by Up Rough, Insane and Titan together with the hottest chip musicians the scene has to offer!

Download: (Amiga Exe) SSIT-500.LHA

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News: Amiga Junglism skrocking it away!

Amiga Junglism skrocks away UK style mixing up Protracker jungle! Fire!