147# Hits for Kids LP – OS4/MOS version

Description: Our first LP. The start of a new chip musicdisk series for Amiga computers, with a difference, this series smells of style quality and overall freshness. Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-LP1NG.LHA Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_B0rek.mp3 Download Soundtrack:...

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#146 Tropic Fish EP – OS4/MOS version

Description: Four rumblin' detroit pieces by our German guest supastar Ronny. Our first musicdisk in our popular EP series. Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-EP1NG.LHA Download: (MP3) Ronny_-_1e-.mp3 Download: (MP3) Ronny_-_Famous_Thang!.mp3 Download: (MP3) Ronny_-_Bubblegum!...

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#145 Elektrocity EP – OS4/MOS version

Description: A three-piece elektro suit, tailor-made by Qwan. Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-EP2NG.LHA Download: (MP3) Qwan_-_The_Electro_Ride.mp3 Download: (MP3) Qwan_-_The_B-Beat.mp3 Download: (MP3) Qwan_-_Relaxing_Pulse.mp3 Download: (Original Mod) UP-LKTRO.LHA Download:...

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#144 Aggression Session EP – OS4/MOS version

Description: Junglists, this one is for YOU. Four DNB rockers by Skope. Download: UP-EP3NG.LHA Download: (MP3) Skope_-_Freshly_2k.mp3 Download: (MP3) Skope_-_Def_Chaos_Filter.mp3 Download: (MP3) Skope_-_Luquid-Constant.mp3 Download: (MP3) Skope_-_Boarrrr.mp3 Download:...

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#143 Mixagrip EP – OS4/MOS version

Description: The finest in 8-bit House delivered to you by Mortimer Twang. Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-EP4NG.LHA Download: (MP3) Mortimer_Twang_-_1.music.mp3 Download: (MP3) Mortimer_Twang_-_4_Those_Who_Can_See.mp3 Download: (MP3) Mortimer_Twang_-_Turn_On_Your_Love.mp3...

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#142 Another Day EP – OS4/MOS version

Description: Skope delivers some nice house cut ups, Up Rough style! Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-EP7NG.LHA Download: (MP3) Skope_-_Another_Day.mp3 Download: (MP3) Skope_-_Grew_Stronger.mp3 Download: (MP3) Skope_-_S_Weed_&_D_Fortees.mp3 Download: (MP3)...

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#139 Saturday at Joe’s – OS4/MOS version

Description: A fresh smoke smelling jazz ass drum'n'bass EP featuring the Finnish guest releasing duo Samuel 'n' Nasley. Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-EP10N.LHA Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Sam_and_Nas_-_Cup_Eater.mp3 Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Sam_and_Nas_-_Hide_n_Seek.mp3...

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