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147# Hits for Kids LP – OS4/MOS version

screeen in ping

Our first LP. The start of a new chip musicdisk series for Amiga computers, with a difference, this series smells of style quality and overall freshness.

Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-LP1NG.LHA

Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_B0rek.mp3
Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_Bell3-Mix.mp3
Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_B0rek.mp3
Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_Grap2.mp3
Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_Monkeyman.mp3
Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_NES-Mes2.mp3
Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_Pappersballong.mp3
Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_Spoil.mp3
Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_Tenk_Om.mp3
Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Goto80_-_The_Hit.mp3

Download Soundtrack: (MOD)

Musicdisks News

#146 Tropic Fish EP – OS4/MOS version

tropic fish cover

Four rumblin’ detroit pieces by our German guest supastar Ronny. Our first musicdisk in our popular EP series.

Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-EP1NG.LHA

Download: (MP3) Ronny_-_1e-.mp3
Download: (MP3) Ronny_-_Famous_Thang!.mp3
Download: (MP3) Ronny_-_Bubblegum!
Download: (MP3) Ronny_-_The_Discomaniac!.mp3

Download: (Orignial Mod) UP-1E1E1.LHA
Download: (Orignial Mod) UP-FMOUS.LHA
Download: (Orignial Mod) UP-BUBLG.LHA
Download: (Orignial Mod) UP-TDISC.LHA

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#145 Elektrocity EP – OS4/MOS version

eloktrocity screens

A three-piece elektro suit, tailor-made by Qwan.

Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-EP2NG.LHA

Download: (MP3) Qwan_-_The_Electro_Ride.mp3
Download: (MP3) Qwan_-_The_B-Beat.mp3
Download: (MP3) Qwan_-_Relaxing_Pulse.mp3

Download: (Original Mod) UP-LKTRO.LHA
Download: (Original Mod) UP-BBEAT.LHA
Download: (Original Mod) UP-RLXPL.LHA

Musicdisks News

#144 Aggression Session EP – OS4/MOS version

agression screens

Junglists, this one is for YOU. Four DNB rockers by Skope.

Download: UP-EP3NG.LHA

Download: (MP3) Skope_-_Freshly_2k.mp3
Download: (MP3) Skope_-_Def_Chaos_Filter.mp3
Download: (MP3) Skope_-_Luquid-Constant.mp3
Download: (MP3) Skope_-_Boarrrr.mp3

Download: (Original Mod) UP-FRSLY.LHA
Download: (Original Mod) UP-DFCFL.LHA
Download: (Original Mod) UP-LQST.LHA
Download: (Original Mod) UP-BOARR.LHA

Musicdisks News

#143 Mixagrip EP – OS4/MOS version

mixagrip screen

The finest in 8-bit House delivered to you by Mortimer Twang.

Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-EP4NG.LHA

Download: (MP3)
Download: (MP3) Mortimer_Twang_-_4_Those_Who_Can_See.mp3
Download: (MP3) Mortimer_Twang_-_Turn_On_Your_Love.mp3
Download: (MP3) Mortimer_Twang_-_Smoking.mp3

Download: (Original Mod) UP-MUS1C.LHA
Download: (Original Mod) UP-4TWCS.LHA
Download: (Original Mod) UP-TRNON.LHA
Download: (Original Mod) UP-SMKNG.LHA