#010: Tiny Beats

Description: A Music/Ascii release straight from Skope. Download: UP-TINY.TXT Download Soundtrack: (Original Mod) UP-TNBTS.LHA Download Soundtrack: (MP3) Skope_-_Tiny_Beats.mp3 https://www.uprough.net/radio/mp3/mod/Skope_-_Tiny_Beats.mp3Podcast: Play in new window |...

#009: … My Respect

Description: A Music/Ascii co-op by Spot and Mortimer Twang. Download UP-MYRES.LHA Listen to the music Mortimer_Twang_-_MT_Plays_the_Blues.mp3

#007: Lower Intentions

Description: A music/ascii co-op. Spot’s debut in da ascii game. Soft junglistic beats by Skope. Download UP-LOWIN.LHA Listen to the soundtrack Skope_-_Lower_Intentions.mp3 https://www.uprough.net/radio/mp3/mod/Skope_-_Lower_Intentions.mp3Podcast: Play in new...
#004: Disko Divas

#004: Disko Divas

Description: A house tune by Spot, released at Comphusphere X. Download: (Original4channel .MOD) UP-DISKO.LHA Download: (MP3 version) Spot_-_Disko_Divas.mp3 https://www.uprough.net/radio/mp3/mod/Spot_-_Disko_Divas.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download...

#005: Professor Aggressor

Description: Skopeish junglizm presented in a groovie jump-up style. Released at Compusphere X. Download: UP-PROAG.LHA