#031: The Wildjazz Style!

Description: Compo music from Underscore 2001 (multi channel) by Qwan. Download: (Original DBM) UP-WILDJ.LHA Download: (MP3) .. coming soon ..

#030: Under the Score

Description: Compo music from Underscore 2001 (Chip) by Qwan. Download: (Original Mod) UP-SCORE.LHA Download: (MP3) .. coming soon ..

#029: Analogi’que

Description: Compo music from Underscore 2001 (4 channel mod) by Qwan. Download: (Original Mod) UP-ANALO.LHA Download: (MP3) Qwan_-_Analogi’que.mp3

#024: Crystal Cracktro

Description: An AHX remix of a classic cracktro tune that was released in a Crystal cracktro. The original tune is called mod.maintheme2;chipmusi and it was made by The Dark Knight, more known as TDK. This remix was made by Skope and Spot. Download: (Original AHX...

#017: Hermano Theory

Description: An ascii/music combo release from Skope. Real teen data anger! Download: UP-HERTH.LHA Listen to the music Skope_-_Hermano_Theory.mp3

#014: In Warp

Description: A Drum’n’Bass track with an industrial twist by Qwan. Download (Original 4 channel mod) UP-WARP.LHA Download (MP3) Qwan_-_In_Warp.mp3 https://www.uprough.net/radio/mp3/mod/Qwan_-_In_Warp.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download...