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#175: The Piper at the Gates of Compusphere



It was made at Compusphere 2014 using Ableton Live and a midi keyboard on Notorious computer.
Recorded without retakes on three tracks by Qwan.

Download: (MP3) UP-TPTGC.ZIP

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#168: All our Gerp 2014 Releases

Shmup Rough by Spot.

Sweet thing by Blade.

Porch Sleeper by Amiga Junglism.

All our releases from GERP 2014, this pack contains music by Blade, Goto80, Amiga Junglism and graphics by Spot.

Download: UP-GRP14.ZIP

Music News

News: More Live Acid from Dino

Music News

I Don’t Know (Phineus II’s Bloodclaaaat Mix)

Amiga Junglism’s track I Don’t Know just got a little remix treatment by Phineus II. Dig it!

Music News

#166: I Don’t Know

Cover art by Spot.

Aight Junglists!

Amiga Junglism threw out one of his trademark Octamed jungle
rollers at Sundown 2014. It reached the 3rd place.

Listen directly here:

Download: (MP3/MED) UP-DUNNO.ZIP