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Graphics Music News

#168: All our Gerp 2014 Releases

Shmup Rough by Spot.

Sweet thing by Blade.

Porch Sleeper by Amiga Junglism.

All our releases from GERP 2014, this pack contains music by Blade, Goto80, Amiga Junglism and graphics by Spot.

Download: UP-GRP14.ZIP

Graphics News

#164: All Up Rough Pixel Art and Colorcycles from DATASTORM 2014

Present and Past by Prowler.

Up Rough City by Spot.

Damn Birds, a colorcycle by Spot.
Best viewed in Deluxe Paint on the Amiga, the gif anim should be considered a preview.

Download: UP-DS14G.LHA


#151: All our Datastorm 2013 GFX

This package contains our Amiga Graphics and C64 Graphics from DATASTORM 2013.

Download: UP-DS13GX.LHA

A timelapse of Prowlers Amiga GFX entry called The Elements of Green.

The Elements of Green, Prowler’s winning Amiga picture.

Future Sphere by Prowler. 3rd in the C64 GFX compo.

Hello Kitty by Calladin, 2nd in the Amiga graphics compo.

Ectoplasma by TSC, 3rd in the Amiga graphics compo.

Ascii Graphics Music News

#136: All our DATASTORM 2012 Releases


This package contains our ASCII, Amiga Graphics, C64 Graphics and Amiga Music from DATASTORM 2012.

A timelapse of Prowlers Amiga GFX entry called No Escape:

Future Blind the winning C64 (Koala) picture by Prowler.

No Escape by Prowler. 2nd in the Amiga GFX compo.

The Great Escape, the winning Amiga picture by Calladin.

Rough Times, an Amiga picture by Spot.

Download: (MP3) Spot_-_Break_the_Box.mp3

Download: (MP3) Blade_-_Brutal_is_Fine.mp3

Download: (MP3) Qwan_-_Imperfect_World.mp3

Download: UP-D2012.LHA

Ascii Graphics

#127 All our releases from DATASTORM 2011

This pack includes releases from: Spot, Prowler, Zaner and Qwan. (Graphics/Music/ASCII).
Download: UP-D2011.LHA

‘Shattered Harmony’ by Prowler.

‘Mute Dem Puppets’ by Spot. This version of the image is scaled. Full version inside archive.