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May 27, 2013 | News

BitJam Episode #173

Episode #173 – Waste Da Wax Flip Da Trax
Continuing their hostile take-over of the BitJam Podcast, Up Rough return with the second in their series of DJ sets. This time Optiroc steps up to the plate for “Waste Da Wax – Flip Da Trax”.
Optiroc gives us an education in how House and Techno should be mixed, quick, layered and precise. He storms through Up Rough’s 4×4 catalogue like a cheeta on speed, effortlessly blending between soulful house and grinding techno to create an ever changing textured sound. Although it’s short, it’s to the point.

Mixing and compiling by Optiroc, logo #173 and cover design by Spot, illustration by Raquel Meyers

Track List:
01. Qwan – Imperfect World
02. Mortimer Twang – 4 Those Who Can See
03. Mortimer Twang – Smoking
04. Skope – Mod Mod Mod
05. Spot – 1996 Gangbanger
06. Mortimer Twang – Turn On Your Love
07. Skope – S Weed & D Fortees
08. Spot – Tear A Piece Of Pussy Out
09. Skope – I Have A Dream
10. Mortimer Twang – Yours Truly
11. Qwan – Remetik
12. Qwan – Rebelraster
13. Qwan – Overmode
14. Qwan – Miles To Go
15. Qwan – Tonique Monique
16. Qwan – 15 Years of Fame
17. Qwan – Japan Transit

Total playing time: 23:58

Cover design by Spot
Illustration by Raquel Meyers
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