News: Up Rough in the Jungle

May 13, 2013 | Music, News

BitJam Episode #172
“Up Rough in the Jungle” was just released!

To celebrate 15 years of demoscene dominance, Up Rough are taking over the BitJam Podcast
for a series of DJ sets. First in the series is “Up Rough In The Jungle” mixed by Hoffman.
This mix really demonstrates the diverse output which gives Up Rough their legendary status.
Starting in the smooth soundscapes of the mid 90’s Jungle, travelling through to the dark
head nodding Tech-Step with a quick jaunt into the Jazz Lounge then ending in the modern
realms of Drum n Bass. It plays out like a history of the dance music scene and works as
an education to the uninitiated.

Cover design by Spot
Illustration by Jakob Feltsen

Download here:

… or listen directly here: