#094: Two Times Teis

Mar 29, 2007 | Music

Teis is back in da game! Never loosing a thing! You’ll have to look hard these days to find basslines that have been so carefully put together.
Enjoy Nu Delta v09981 and Dug IT / Spot

Cheq it, bleedZ..
It’s been a while since i joined the glory forces of Up Rough!
So it’s about time i release my DEBUT for them bwois! ..
NuDelta is surely some weird name. I made it when v1 of some tool came out.
I was playin with the Devices, added my own shit to them and well started freaking out.
It took like 5-7 years before i finalised and released it!
That is because i was like not workin on it after 2 days of starting it xD ..
DugIT is a Co-oP song between Karl Lihagen and me. He sent me the song for a Mo’Playaz Guest release and then it turned out to be a CooP. The first half is Karl, the last half is me ..
You’ll dig what i made to it ;) ..
So Have FUN while ya at it, dig it?
Big upz to ma homez inda blox tEiS’ outta’here ..

Download: (Original Archive) UP-2TEIS.ZIP

Download: (MP3) tEiS_-_NuDeltav09981.mp3
Download: (MP3) tEiS_-_DugIT.mp3