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Amiga Ascii Art Special Exhibition – Open Now!

This year at the PLATINE – Cologne we are holding an Amiga Ascii Art Special Exhibition at the Zoo Schänke. In cooperation with Orkan Meydan we will compile these textmode-graphics from various artists and visualize them in a new way. By using various printing techniques we will transform these nostalgic artworks into the reality and introduce them to the public in individual ways – from letters to characters up to complete comic-stories and abstract wild-styles.

What are the roots of the Amiga-Ascii-Scene, what are these logos being used for, where do we still find areas of application these days? In cooperation with the Amiga-Ascii-Collective diViNE sTYLERs and the Amiga-Demogroup Up Rough, supported by the Portal, Orkan Meydan presents a journey through the history of an almost forgotten, but by no means dead artform from its beginnings to the present.

Featuring 6 Artists from Germany, Sweden and Finland.

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#136: All our DATASTORM 2012 Releases


This package contains our ASCII, Amiga Graphics, C64 Graphics and Amiga Music from DATASTORM 2012.

A timelapse of Prowlers Amiga GFX entry called No Escape:

Future Blind the winning C64 (Koala) picture by Prowler.

No Escape by Prowler. 2nd in the Amiga GFX compo.

The Great Escape, the winning Amiga picture by Calladin.

Rough Times, an Amiga picture by Spot.

Download: (MP3) Spot_-_Break_the_Box.mp3

Download: (MP3) Blade_-_Brutal_is_Fine.mp3

Download: (MP3) Qwan_-_Imperfect_World.mp3

Download: UP-D2012.LHA

Ascii Graphics

#127 All our releases from DATASTORM 2011

This pack includes releases from: Spot, Prowler, Zaner and Qwan. (Graphics/Music/ASCII).
Download: UP-D2011.LHA

‘Shattered Harmony’ by Prowler.

‘Mute Dem Puppets’ by Spot. This version of the image is scaled. Full version inside archive.

Ascii News

News: FUCK!

This release was uploaded to ONE single BBS with a cryptic FILE_ID.DIZ in a very drunk state last night.
If you are elite enough, you will find it!


Ascii Music

#017: Hermano Theory

An ascii/music combo release from Skope. Real teen data anger!

Download: UP-HERTH.LHA
Listen to the music Skope_-_Hermano_Theory.mp3