Site News: Misc Changes

* Minor cosmetic changes. * New Big Floppy People 2007 gallery added. * New page: Plugboard, try it out! * Subscribe to comments feature added. * Nicer navigation system added. * RSS Feeds added.

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News: New Tracks Added to the Radio!

Big Floppy People 2007 brought you many new Up Rough tracks, today Spot sampled them directly from his A1200 for that real authentic Amiga sound. Tune in to the radio, or listen directly here; Dino_-_How_do_you_Walk?.mp3 Qwan_-_Summer_&_Beach_Music.mp3...

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Active Up Rough Heroes

amiga junglism, stereofonik development
blade stereofonik development, scientist
booger scientist, 23ism
calladin ink
deadguy scientist
dmg phiber optikz operator, scientist, letter abuse
elusive stereofonik development
flubba scientist
goto80 monofonik development
hamlet phiber optikz operator
mellow man scientist
mooz scientist
nori k scientist
octapus stereofonik development
sandman phiber optikz operator, letter abuse
spot leader, ink, stereofonik development, letter abuse
zabutom stereofonik development
zaner phiber optikz operator, letter abuse

Retired Up Rough Heroes

biogenesis scientist
coffe ink, alcohol abuse
dino ink, stereofonik development, letter abuse
dipswitch stereofonik development, letter abuse
exocet ink
infant scientist
model scientist
mortimer twang ink, stereofonik development, letter abuse
otro ink.
plus8 ink
qwan co-leader, stereofonik devenlopment
sixx public (dis)relations
skope selecta
stewart one ink, turntablism
syphus stereofonik development.
teis stereofonik development
the soul collector ink
varthall scientist, stereofonik development
yoki co-leader, scientist, stereofonik development, ink
zorro phiber optikz operator, letter abuse