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#168: All our Gerp 2014 Releases

Shmup Rough by Spot.

Sweet thing by Blade.

Porch Sleeper by Amiga Junglism.

All our releases from GERP 2014, this pack contains music by Blade, Goto80, Amiga Junglism and graphics by Spot.

Download: UP-GRP14.ZIP

Intros News

Fleisch Bitte GMBH Ad 001 – HTML version released!

Our latest recruit Mellow Man is busy as hell on various Up Rough prods now.
This is the first one finished, stay tuned for more exclusive stuff coming soon!

Click me to watch! (Use Chrome!)



News: Mellow Man joined Up Rough

Mellow Man joined Up Rough as a coder!
Welcome aboard!

He already has some fresh code in the making to be released soon!

Intros News

#167 – Fleisch Bitte GMBH Ad 001

Code by Nori K
Concept by Spot & Plus8
Graphics by Spot
Music by Mortimer Twang

An ad we did for Fleisch Bitte GMBH. Released in August 2014.
The first prod under the Up Rough flag from Nori K! Welcome to the crew mate!

Download: (Amiga Exe) UP-FB001.LHA

Here’s a poster from the campaign that we run in Berlin.

Music News

News: More Live Acid from Dino