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#162: Blaze Up De Fire Mix


A massive tune by Amiga Junglism released at DATASTORM 2014.
Cover made by Spot.

Download: (Octamed Mod) UP-BLAZE.LHA

Download: (MP3) Amiga_Junglism_-_Blaze_Up_De_Fire_Mix.mp3

Listen directly on youtube here:


#161 – Captain Cavern Might Have Been Proud Of Us (PCE)

Code by Mooz
Music by Octapus

A PC Engine intro released at DATASTORM 2014.

Here’s the soundtrack:

Demos News

#160 – Up Rough City (Gameboy Advance)

Code by Flubba
Graphics by Spot
Music by Syphus and Qwan
3D by Yonx and Stewart One

A Gameboy Advance demo released at DATASTORM 2014. It crushed all competition in the other platform demo compo.



The Amiga Showcase!


Mighty mighty Up Rough will get some air time! Don’t miss! Boom!


The UK Amiga scene is on the rise once again!

The Amiga and Atari were once the main work horses of any studio in the early 90′s producing hardcore and breakbeats for the masses…

As time moved on, so did the technology and as it progressed the once pioneering technology of the past got phased out of the scene… And unfortunately so did the trademark gritty sound of the Amiga.

Well 20 years on and the Amiga is making a comeback! Coupled with Akai samplers (Also another 90′s beige legend) harnessing OctaMED’s MIDI capabilities the results are proving to be quite good!


ukjungle  Here’s a picture of the gear that the three oldskool reinventors use today.


Here’s Hailons’ track from their debut EP “Rollerz Vol.1″ released on the new Jungle Rollerz label.


Hailon is a man on a mission, to create oldskool tracks on oldskool gear as it once was. Face the same limitations and challenges his peers did all that time ago. Squatski, Amiga Junglism and Hailon are keeping the vibes pumping and keeping the Amiga’s on their toes making anything from Hardcore breakbeats to jungle, to chilled hip hop…


Junglistic – Who is this, from the flipside of the EP.


Now through the shadows a local Brighton based UK label (Jungle Rollerz) has emerged with the same mission to keep the oldskool vibes alive. Coupled with the sounds of the Amiga the classic vibes are once again rocking the bassbins of the local raves and clubs!!

Show your support! Buy their debut 12″ here!