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News: A Journey in Cutz

“A Journey in Cutz” mixed by Yonx.
Yonx takes you on a spontanious journey that starts in the hip hop region and ends in the dnb realmz!

Cover design by Spot

Download here:

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News: A Drum ‘n’ Bass Love Story

“A Drum ‘n’ Bass Love Story” mixed by loverboy Yonx.
Pump this shit loud enough for our russian junglist friends to hear!

Cover design by Spot

Download here:


News: Dataslöjd – TODAY!

Goto80 will compose music for you, today, at Dataslöjd. See you there!


Music News

News: Attack of the Attacking 303

Yonx AKA Rudebox released a NOS tune. Enjoy. ;)

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News: Grover

The story; a very unusual young student named Jesper Jonsson buys a copy of Cubase.
He spends one month learning it and returns with among other tunes a tune called “Grover”. This is one of the first tunes he ever made.

He is too shy to get up on stage to perform it on his graduation.

His teacher calls the Up Rough squad and asks us if we can visualize his track quickly.
We gave it an hour of our precious time as we loved what the kid had done.

The result:

Grover by Jesper Jonsson from Yonx & Spot on Vimeo.